Requirements to become a volunteer in Kenya for Alice for Children

Be 18 or older at the time of the departure for the projects in Nairobi

Be 21 or older at the time of the departure for the projects in the rural area of Rombo

Knowledge of English

Furthermore, the requirements that Alice for Children requests in the volunteers are passion, enthusiasm, desire to do, ability and willing to get involved, and also eager to learn and give something to our projects.

The volunteer is a proactive figure, that focuses, for a certain period of time, on our humanitarian projects in Kenya, embracing their philosophy and supporting them with their contribute.


To volunteer in Africa and, more specifically, in Kenya, means to want to discover and at the same time teach new things. It means to be ready to challenge your beliefs and be able to reinforce them through the help of external factors. 

It means to be ready to be surprised and to surprise as well, unassuming but with the desire to be yourself and to be available for others. 

In conclusion, in our volunteers we look for spontaneity and genuineness and all those qualities that will make your experience unforgettable. 

The volunteering experience requires a donation, which is comprised of: 

  • The donation to the destination project
  • Room and board in our guest-house
  • Transport between the project locations and from/to the local airport
  • Material needed for the activities there
  • Organizational and logistical support before the departure from Alice for Children staff in Milano
  • 24/7 support from the Coordinator of the volunteers in Kenya just in case
  • Programming of the activities according to the volunteer profile
  • Training in Italy and Kenya upon arrival
  • Assistance for educational credits requests and conduction of the internship
  • Sharing session and feedback after return


2 weeks

€ 800

+ 100€ membership fee una tantum

3 weeks

€ 1.100

+ 100€ membership fee una tantum

4 weeks

€ 1.400

+ 100€ membership fee una tantum


Alice for Children is an independent non-profit organization, whose source of income comes from child sponsorship, company’s donations, private funds and volunteers’ donations. Without that support, it would not be possible to carry on the project activities in Kenya. 

To welcome a volunteer on the spot entails expenses for food, lodging, activity founding, transport, management and human resources.

Without the requested donation, we would not be able to cover the expenses and host the volunteers. 

Would you like to promote a fundraising to reach the amount required to leave, but you do not know how to? We are at your disposal. We can help you with the creation of an actual fundraising campaign with pictures, texts and suggestions to reach your goal. 

Alice for Children’s projects in Kenya are monitored both by local staff and the staff in Milano, which periodically travels there to have a continuous control over the projects and to guarantee safety, which is a top priority for us.

Of course, yes. Alice Village hosts 70 children and 40 people of our staff: volunteers live in a compound made up of twenty houses, enclosed by a boundary wall and supervised by guards. 

For your own safety, it is better to avoid irresponsible behaviors, such as moving within the slums without being accompanied. If you go out with awareness and follow the staff suggestions, your safety will be guaranteed.

Alice for Children staff cannot wait to answer your questions. 

Write to [email protected] or call/whatsapp +39 3911780067.

However, if you have any different question about the experience you would like to live, once you have joined the Kenya Day, you could directly contact our volunteers and ask anything you want. 

Here, you will also find our volunteer’s stories. 

Twins International is a non-profit and ONG association registered in the register AICS of the Italian Agency for the Cooperation to Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, every liberal provision of money (such as the donation to become volunteers for Alice for Children) is deductible. 

Every year, at the end of March, we will send you the Certification document with the liberal allocations received during the year before, so that it can be shown to your accountant, if you are eligible for tax deductions. Furthermore, from 2021 we will proceed directly to send the document on your Tax Box, even though it does not substitute your presentation of the Certification yet.