In Nairobi’s slums, girls’ rights are being violated on a daily basis.

You can help a girl by donating sanitary pads, ensuring medical care and protecting her from abuses. 

Donate now. 

Changer her life.

In difesa dei diritti delle bambine

Nelle baraccopoli di Nairobi i diritti delle bambine vengono violati ogni giorno. Tu puoi aiutare una bambina donandole assorbenti, assicurandole cure mediche e difendendola dagli abusi.

Dona ora e cambia la sua vita!

L’adozione a distanza può cambiare la vita di un bambino o di una bambina in Kenya.
Potrai donargli cure mediche, acqua, cibo, istruzione e una casa

Child Sponsorhip can change a child’s life in Kenya.

With one euro you will be able to donate medical care, water, food, education and a home.

In the living hell of slums, human rights are denied and trampled, in particular children’s and women’s rights.

They live with less than one euro per day, they work in the dumps, they have no food or hygienic services.

Our work in Kenya begins in 2006: since then, we have become bigger, but our values remain the same. We made a lot. 

We want to do even more.

Sustaining a humanitarian project in Kenya helps children to survive in the slums and rural areas. 

The goal is to give them a new life, a hope for the future.

Becoming a volunteer in Africa means to undertake a journey of personal and professional growth. Enhance your potential, discover new horizons, get involved.

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Alice for Children

has been operating since 2006 in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya in defence of the most vulnerable childood.

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Alice for Children

Da 15 anni nelle baraccopoli di Nairobi in difesa dell’infanzia più vulnerabile

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