Shape a brighter future for a child in Kenya through child sponsorship

By becoming a sponsor, you will be able to guarantee medical care, drinking water, food and education to a boy or girl in Kenya.

With one dollar per day, you give them the gift of a better future. You’ll foster hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

How to sponsor a child

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Child sponsorship with Alice for Children is simple and safe.

Should you require any assistance or clarification text us at +39 347 2943608, or send an email to [email protected]

Why sponsor a child with Alice for Children

Alice for Children has been managing humanitarian projects in Kenya for more than 15 years: schools, kindergartens, orphanages, training school for entering the world of work, and much more.

We are a small reality that deeply cares about every single child we support. We know them and take care of them as if they were our own family. Besides the 100 members of the staff, comprised of our workers and our partners, we fly from Milan to Kenya periodically. This allows us not only to supervise and control the projects but also to personally greet the children.

Support from child sponsorship is not only necessary to continue our projects but also to give warmth and love to our children.

adozione a distanza
adozione a distanza

For us, presence in the slums is crucial. 

We started the Alice for Children project to change the reality for those in the slums of Nairobi. Over time, we expanded our reach to include the savannah and tea plantation areas, such as Limuru and Rombo. 

Discover more about Alice for Children’s child sponsorship program in Africa.

Caring for more than 3,000 children means supporting them step by step, giving them all the tools they need to become knowledgeable citizens, and the means to guarantee a decent future for them.

Child sponsorship is everything:
it is a real family relationship,
an authentic and long-lasting connection between the long-distance parent
and the child.

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“The familiar size of this association gives a sense of belonging that really makes you feel part of something which is bigger than me, than you, than all of us. The great care that is present in every project and toward every child is as authentic as a mother’s hug.”
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Claudia, 30 years old
long-distance mother to Joel

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Sponsor a child with Alice for Children is safe and efficient


Our sponsorship program is characterized by transparency in its management. We directly oversee the projects without intermediaries, carefully administering the funds and donations we receive.

100% of the donations received from the child sponsorship program are directly invested in our projects in Kenya.


After more than 15 years of experience in Nairobi, we have established direct relationships and competence to effectively operate on the ground. The children of our projects are our kids: we know their stories and their families, their habits, and their ways of interacting with others.


Solidarity is a journey, and Alice for Children’s project is a life journey, beginning with the children’s first steps and guiding them through education until they successfully enter the workforce.

You and your child’s story are always with you in the MyAlice App

You and your child’s story are always with you in the MyAlice app!

Alice for Children is the first Italian organization to have created a mobile application dedicated to remote support. This innovative tool allows you to stay up-to-date in real-time with the latest news regarding our projects in Nairobi. With the app, managing your relationship with the boy or girl you support becomes effortless. You can conveniently schedule Skype calls, upload photos and letters, and easily track all your donations. 

Thanks to the MyAlice app, the distance between you and your child is shortened.
You will always be able to see how much their life is changing!

You can download our app for free from Apple Store or Google Play

What you will receive after sponsorship

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His/her picture

Upon joining the program, you will receive a beautiful picture of the girl or boy you will be supporting, accompanied by a detailed description. You will also receive insights into their family background and a narrative of the remarkable journey they are about to embark on, all made possible by your sponsorship. This allows sponsors to know their child immediately!

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3 yearly updates

As a sponsor, you will receive three updates each year, including school reports, updated pictures of the child and their friends, and news about projects in Kenya as well. You will receive letters and drawings from the child, allowing you to closely follow their progress. Child sponsorship cultivates a familiar bond that strengthens over time. You will have the opportunity to witness the impact of your support firsthand.

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Skype calls, letters and videos

Throughout the year, you can maintain constant contact with your sponsored child. You will have the opportunity to schedule Skype calls, send letters, pictures, and videos! Our dedicated social workers and local staff will help you speak directly to your child, eliminating language barriers. You will be able to establish a real family relationship, even if at a distance!

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The opportunity to meet the kids face to face

It is extremely important to us to establish a solid and long-lasting relationship between long-distance parents and our children. We offer programmed trips to Nairobi with our dedicated staff. These trips, which occur once or twice a year, provide you with the opportunity to experience firsthand the reality of our projects, meet your sponsored child, and interact with other beneficiaries of Alice for Children.

Access the secure area of the MyAlice app

By accessing your secure area in our MyAlice app, you will be able to view the child’s profile, send photos, videos, and letters, and read messages received from Kenya. You will be able to talk directly with your child through the chat feature, download donation receipts, renew your sponsorship fee, and schedule video calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Alice for Children, the donation to support a child and their community is one Euro per day, or 30 Euros a month. You can choose to donate annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Your donation will be used for your child’s:

    • School expenses
    • Medical care
    • Warm meal at school


We ensure that the children and teenagers in our orphanage, Baby Care, and secondary schools receive three meals that are nutritionally balanced. It is important to note that the child sponsorship donation covers only a portion of the total support provided to each beneficiary. The remaining portion is covered by our association, thanks to voluntary donations, fundraisers, special events and initiatives carried out during the year. We also rely on the generous contributions of sponsors that support our cause.

Excluding special circumstances, we prefer to send the child’s picture and history only after confirmation to proceed with the long-distance adoption. Reasons include:

    • Priority and needs: Children are assigned in order of priority with respect to their needs and any urgent situations they may be facing.
    • Unconditional selection: Regardless of their ages, gender, and physical appearance, we believe in equal consideration for all children.
    • Privacy and commitment: Respecting the privacy of the child and their family is of utmost importance to us. We prefer to assign a child when there is a genuine commitment from the donor, demonstrated by the receipt of their donation. 

Of course, yes.

Every long-distance parent will be able to create a direct line with his/her child, with whom you will be able to:

  • Exchange text messages, drawings, pictures;
  • After 4-5 months from the beginning of the support, you will be able to plan Skype calls with your kid, to see him/her and have a talk, in the presence of a member of our staff.

Thanks to our staff and their work, both in Italy and in Kenya, you will be able to establish a constant and long-lasting relationship with the child you are supporting.

The following information is in regard to Italian donors:

Like every other supportive donation, the child sponsorship is deductible in your individual income tax return. We will send you the recap of your donations that you can show to your accountant or CAF (government office for tax assistance and information).

For non-Italian sponsors, it is advisable to consult with tax professionals who are familiar with the relevant tax laws and regulations in both jurisdictions, including your home country. Research and explore the tax breaks and benefits that may be available for supporters of NGOs in your country.

Your sponsorship supports the child for the whole duration of primary school and, ideally, for the duration of professional schooling too.

  • The child does not need support anymore when:
    • He/she completes primary school
    • Unforeseen circumstances if he/she is forced to leave our project before the end of primary school.

  • You will always be asked, at the end of the child’s education, if you want to continue being a long-distance parent. If you choose to do so, you will begin to support another child and continue making a difference in their life. 

The children who are sponsored and beneficiaries of our projects all come from the slums of Nairobi. If the child has a family or relatives, they live in the slums and attend our schools in Dandora or Korogocho. If the child is an orphan or was cut off from their family, they live inside our orphanage in the suburbs of Nairobi. 

In our project, Alice for Kilimanjaro, we support around 50 children of which we guarantee food, education, and healthcare. Particular care is given to girls, who are at the top of our priorities. 

We understand that when a direct and personal relationship is established with the child, it is a pleasure to send gifts. However, from personal experience, we can confirm that sending gifts to sponsored children can be extremely harmful and counterproductive. It can create inequalities within the classrooms and orphanages, and there is a risk of making the child a target of jealousy if not outright theft. You can, if you wish, provide gifts for the entire class or orphanage, or for the children who are celebrating their birthdays that month. If you would like to do so, please contact us to know how to proceed: [email protected]

Those who choose to adopt a foreign child through international adoption become the legal parents of the child, who has the opportunity to live with their new family. On the contrary, the purpose of child sponsorship is to support the child within their community and to help them reintegrate themselves into their own family. Children who are supported at a distance cannot be brought to your home country, since long-distance parents do not legally become parents of the kids. The children’s legal guardians are still their parents, their extended family, or our association – in the event that the child has been given to the care of our orphanage.