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ADD value with your products

In-kind donations make a valuable contribution to our Association. The donated items can be taken to Kenya or used in our Milan office, allowing us to save significant costs and invest the difference in projects! Moreover, high-quality product donations are key to making our Association’s events special and supporting our fundraising efforts.

👉🏼 Since 2018, in-kind donations are treated the same as cash donations and are tax-deductible!

Some examples?

  • Clothes, shoes, computers, backpacks, and sheets to be sent to Kenya
  • Stationery and office supplies for the Milan offices
  • Personalized gadgets or materials for Alice for Children events in Milan
  • High-quality products customized for the Alice for Children shop (Bottega di Alice for Children)

SUPPORT a specific project

Alice For Children develops numerous projects in Kenya that require support to grow and improve. Help us build new areas in schools or the Village, sponsor classes, or enhance the library. You can truly make a difference by choosing a project that aligns with your company’s identity and dedicating it with a plaque! You can also visit the project in person with a corporate trip right to Kenya. Touch the result of your efforts with your own hands.

Here are some case histories of companies that have helped us bring specific projects to life, making them truly special!


Invest your company in the most precious asset of all: the future of a deserving student. 

We are seeking sponsors that will support the higher education of one or more of our talented students. These are extremely poor children who, despite their circumstances, excel in their studies with passion and tenacity.

We have a moral obligation to continue their education.
We need someone who believes in them.

For more information about the Kenya Scholarship Project, please email: [email protected]

INVOLVE your employees in Italy

There are many ways to contribute to Alice for Children’s activities while staying in Italy!

Get involved through on-site volunteering, help us organize a marathon, a happy hour fundraising event, assist us with Christmas packages or market events.  

Goodwill and commitment are the only qualities required…Get involved!

EMBRACE a Unique Journey to Kenya - Corporate Volunteer Campus

Help Alice for Children projects firsthand by traveling to Kenya as a team of volunteers. It will be an unforgettable experience of sharing and team building, where you can make a collective contribution towards providing a brighter future for the children in the slums. 

Departures are designed for teams of 8 to 12 people, who will stay at our Campus house within our orphanage for a ten-day period. Typically, departures are scheduled on Thursday afternoons, returning on the following week’s weekend. This allows for 8 intense days of devoting yourself entirely to on-site projects.

The Corporate Volunteer Campus offers a journey that starts during the initial planning phase. Specialized training and team-building sessions equip volunteers for their upcoming adventure and ensure a smooth experience. Our dedicated team takes care of all aspects of the itinerary, including flight arrangements and necessary paperwork for a trip to Kenya. Throughout the journey, our experienced staff will closely accompany and guide you, creating a truly unique and invaluable experience.

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