Alice Baby CARE

The aid to the mothers in the dump

In Kenya, as well as throughout Africa, the birth rate is extremely high (in Africa, in 30 years the population will double from 1.3 billion to 2.5 billion, and in 2100 it will reach 4.5 billion, that is 40% of our planet’s inhabitants). 

Therefore, children are a lot! 

Mothers of children under the age of 3 and working in the dump have to choose between bringing the children with them in the dump, with the risk of getting them sick with severe respiratory diseases, or leaving them at home alone, with the risk of domestic accidents within the shacks in which they live. 


Kindergarten in the slums are very few and badly organized. 

Alice Baby Care is the first kindergarten in Korogocho slum, at the foot of the dump. It is located in a strategic point for mothers who work in hand sorting waste. 

In this happy oasis, mothers leave their kids all day, sure that they will receive all the meals and care their tender age needs. 

Korogocho’s nursery

Our small center hosts 20 children aged 0-3, here the children are taken care of by mamies, mothers who carry out the precious role of caregivers for the children. 


Here, they receive all the meals, they play happily and safely and receive necessary medical care.