Alice korogocho

The first Alice for Children’s school in the slum

Korogocho is one of the biggest slums in Nairobi. It arose in the 60s as a settlement for all those Africans that had no right to live in the town. 

Today, Korogocho is almost in the center of Nairobi. 

Korogocho has been living for decades in a condition of extreme unease, due to the vicinity of Dandora dumpsite: there are no infrastructures such as public schools, hospitals or community centers, there is no hygienic services such as sewage or services, there is no water, electricity or safety. Between the shacks of Korogocho, there is no human right. 

Houses are still made up of metal sheet and mud, most families live in one room, with no hygienic services or drinking water. The spread of diseases is daily occurrence and 25% of the inhabitants of Korogocho suffer from HIV. 


In Korogocho slum, outside Nairobi, 15 years ago was established the first Alice for Children’s school in Kenya, together with our partner Grapesyard NGO. 

Before Alice for Children decided to fund and support it, it counted around 100 children. Today, after having it rebuilt and expanded year after year, it is attended by 1500 students: from kindergarten until last year of middle school. 

400 among these children are sponsored by our sponsor-parents: without the intervention of child sponsorship, these children, which are selected by our social workers because in desperate conditions, could not go to school, have a warm meal a day nor a complete medical assistance. 

The school in Korogocho is not only an educational path that moves from the tender age to the adult age, but it is a place of rest and hope, and a point of reference for the community. 

Today, our school is equipped with every necessary service: an adequate number of restrooms for boys and girls, drinking water, a kitchen, teachers’ offices and a library. A little education oasis, bordered by the dirt of the slum.