Alice limuru

Our school in the tea plantations

Limuru is located in the tea plantations in Kenya. Here there is a very small school run by retired nuns only, who take care of the children coming from this area. 

Alice for Children intervened by paying teachers’ wages. 

The conditions in the tea plantations is not happier than the one in Rombo or Nairobi: here, families are paid according to how many kilos of tea-leaves they pick, without considering that, when it is not the season, families have no income. 

Crumbling shacks are behind the tea plantations. 


Allamano Primary School, run by elderly nuns of Consoled, works with the surrounding community of Limuru and allows around 100 kids to attend school, from the last year of kindergarten until third year. 

Here, they study in a nice environment, they are looked after by passionate teachers who help them in their studies, and at the end of the third year, they are placed in surrounding government schools.