Alice for Health

Medical assistance in Nairobi’s slums

In Kenya, healthcare is private. However, the majority of the population in Nairobi live in the slums, where it is possible to find community hospitals, lacking in resources and staff. 

To overcome this situation, Alice for Children has begun to guarantee healthcare and medical assistance to every child through various projects, thanks to a deal with two city hospitals. 


Alice for Children has hired a qualified nurse to take care of the children of Korogocho and Dandora and of our orphanages. 

The reference hospital is the Neema Hospital of Nairobi, built by dr. Morino, a kindhearted Italian doctor called “the slum’s doctor”.

We use the hospital for the medical care of the children who benefit from Alice for Children’s programs in this area of Nairobi. 


A new project concerning healthcare has been launched during last year: telemedicine. 

Our nurse presents remotely, via computer, the most severe cases of children who come in out telemedicine lab in the slum. 

One of the Neema Hospital doctors will visit the child via web, without moving. The care is then handled by the nurse or, if the case is extremely serious, the child will be transported to the hospital.  

Alice for Health’s aim is not only to guarantee medical care to children in need and give the right prevention and medical assistance to all the other children, but to give an actual service to the slum community – which in no other ways could have medical care.